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Is your commercial roofing suffering from old age or general wear and tear? No matter what kind of roofing you may have, old age will continue to take a toll on the performance of your roof system, leaving you to choose between replacement and restoration. In order to benefit from a roof restoration, it is essential that you act quickly, or the damages can worsen, and roof replacement may be the only option available. When you aren’t prepared to replace your roofing, but you must get it repaired for a cost-effective price, count on McRoof, the reliable roof restoration company in Oklahoma City, OK. Give us a call today at 405-600-5587.

Roof Restoration Solutions

Your building’s commercial roof system can be hurt in a variety of ways, from long-term UV damage to extreme weather or physical elements. As contractors, we believe that a complete roof replacement should only be completed if it is the only choice available. Roof restorations are significantly less expensive than roofing replacements, as you save on materials As well as labor costs. Restoring your roof can repair problems such as standing water and mildew growth, and even repair problems such as broken roof membrane and cracked seams. Give us a call at 405-600-5587 for additional information on expert roof restoration in Oklahoma City, OK! Our professional roofers are licensed and trained to industry standards to ensure that our clients are in capable hands.

In order for a roof restoration to actually work, you must act fast.  If your roofing system to far gone, or there is damage the roof skeleton, a roof restoration will not be able to resolve your roofing problems and actually may cause further damage to your roof.  If you are considering a roof restoration, contact us and we will come to your building and perform a preliminary inspection to determine if a restoration is the best option for your roof, or if the damage is so significant that only a full roof replacement will be able to completely resolve your roofing problems.

Reliable Roofing Restoration

We have included some of our roofing services below for your convenience. Please give us a ring at 405-600-5587 to learn more about our expert roof restoration in Oklahoma City, OK! Licensed and educated in industry standards, our professional roofers work diligently to deliver total client satisfaction!

  • SILICONE ROOF COATINGS Silicone roof coatings provide excellent weather protection without the toxic fumes of other roof coatings.
  • ACRYLIC ROOF COATINGS Acrylic roof coatings are ideal for sealing metal roofs. They prevent corrosion and rust.
  • POLYUREA ROOF COATINGS A polyurea roof coating provides your building with added energy efficiency.
  • ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATINGS Elastomeric roof coatings are extremely waterproof and provide your building with exceptional storm damage protection.

Make Your Appointment Today

If your commercial roofing is only halfway through its life, but still suffering from major damage, consider having a roof restoration to extend the functionality of your roof. McRoof offers top quality services for roof restoration in Oklahoma City, OK.  Contact us today at 405-600-5587 to schedule an appointment.  We work with only the best roofing materials, so you can rest assured that your restored roof will be as good as new.  Don’t spend extra money on replacing a roof when a restoration is a valid option.

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