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Skylight Window After Skylight Window Replacement
Let Us Help Your Take Care of Your Skylight Windows.

If you have a skylight window, then you know how much they can benefit your home. These windows are designed to maximize the amount of natural lighting in a room. This increases the energy efficiency of your home and saves money on your electric bill.Unfortunately, if a skylight is damaged those benefits no longer apply until it has been repaired or replaced. If you need skylight  window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK call McRoof at 405-600-5587 to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need Skylight Window Replacement?

Skylight Needing Skylight Window Replacement
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Because your skylight window is usually in the ceiling, it can be hard to tell when it has been damaged or is in need of repairs. Here are some simple signs to look for to determine if you need skylight window replacement.

There is a Draft: Your skylight window is sealed against the roof. If you feel a draft of outside air whenever you walk under your skylight it is an indicator that the seal is broken.

Water Spots: If the seal on your skylight window is broken or damaged, it will allow water to seep through. This will result in water damage to the area around the skylight. You might also have water dripping from the ceiling around the window.

Broken Glass: Generally Speaking, the glass in your skylight is extremely durable. It is reinforced and not easily broken. This does not mean that it will be able to withstand a bad storm. If your skylight has glass has been broken by hail or tree branches, repairs should be performed as soon as possible.


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Your skylight window is a great asset to your home. It provides your family with excellent lighting and offers energy efficiency benefits. When it gets broken or damaged it can cause some serious problems for your home. For your skylight  window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK contact McRoof. We  offer services to both repair and replace your skylights, depending on the type and severity of the damage. Call us today at 405-600-5587 to schedule your skylight window replacement appointment.

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