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Worker Completing Roof Installation
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New roof systems can be a big purchase, so it is essential to meticulously consider each of the options you have, because your choices can have a long-term impact on your house’s property value. Cost will also require consideration, since the cost for some roofing materials can differ widely. Aesthetic traits should also play a big role in your decision, and if you plan to live there for a while, it is imperative to pick a style you’ll be glad to see every day! When it comes to professional roofing installation in Oklahoma City, OK, McRoof has worked diligently to be the roofer this community can count on. When you need excellent roofing replacement services, call the experts at 405-600-5587.

Best Types of Residential Roof Materials

An array of roof materials may make it difficult for the likely buyer to pick. Across the categories of roofs, we work with, each has its own merits and drawbacks.  Consider the best and worst of each roofing type before you choose one for your roof installation.

Workers Completing a Shingle Roof Installation
We Can Help You Choose the Best Material For Your Roof Installation.

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles possess relative durability and cost-effectiveness, factors which justify its role as the most common choice in roofing. Simple installation, appropriateness for most environments, and a wide variety of colors appear as further benefits of asphalt shingles. Two decades stand as the average life expectancy for asphalt shingle roofs. This span of effectiveness appears at the low-end for roof materials and thus counts for one of asphalt shingles’ drawbacks. A likelihood for discoloration also is a trait of aged asphalt shingles.

Slate and Tile: These upscale types of shingles appear better on specific houses. Slate possesses a natural look, premier resistance to fire, and a life expectancy of up to a century. Ceramic tiles also present a high resilience to fire, and can endure for up to 70 years. For slate, drawbacks include heaviness and the high degree of skill necessary for installation. For their part, ceramic tiles can shatter if walked upon and are only suitable for specific climates.

Metal Roofs: Metals roofs install quickly thanks to their rendering in pre-sized sheets, and also offer impressive longevity. A metal roof is also lightweight and necessitates practically no maintenance. Over time, metal roofs can lose their gleam, and also require a skilled roofer for install.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: Most of the benefits here come from a sustainable status and attractive, natural look. These roofs can have no competitors when one considers environmental friendliness, assuming they’ve been collected sustainably or crafted from repurposed wood. On the obverse, these roofs do not come cheap and necessitate periodic maintenance.

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McRoof offers unparalleled service and professionalism for roof installation in Oklahoma City, OK. You can trust that our talented technicians will perform a perfect install, whatever the type of roof you choose. To schedule service or learn more about materials, contact our team today at 405-600-5587.

“McRoof provides great advice, amazing advocacy with my insurance company, and enhances the value of my home with superior products and trained installers. So glad to have used McRoof to take care of my roofing damage!”

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