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Stone Coated Steel Roofing
Stone Coated Steel Roofing Provides Your Home with a Strong, Beautiful Roof.

Maybe you’re considering metal roofing for your home or business, but you’re uneasy about the finished look. Maybe you’re one that wants to stay along the traditional route or maybe you’re one that prefers to the more updated look that comes with metal roofing. Many may be happy to learn that there’s a special type of roofing material available that offers both, called stone coated steel. If you would like to learn about stone coated steel roofing in Oklahoma City, OK, give our team a call today at 405-600-5587. Our specialists at McRoof have years of experience and we are happy to assist you!

Why Choose Stone Coated Steel Roofing?

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles
If You’re Interested in Stone Coated Steel Roofing, Call Our Office Today.

If you’ve been thinking about metal roofing for your home, it’s likely that you have also heard about all of the bonuses that come along with it. With correct installation, benefits to expect are energy efficiency, high resistance to intense weather, minimal maintenance requirements, and fire resistance, just to name a few. But along with all of these benefits, stone coated steel also has the ability to imitate the look of more conventional materials, such as shingles. By placing stone chips over the surface of the metal roofing material, we are able to make lightweight panels that can be designed to match almost any traditional roofing style. There is also a 50-year warranty as part of the deal, which gives you a peace of mind.


Call Our Office Today

As with a majority elite roofing materials, the original fee can be a bit pricey. Although you should keep in mind, the stone coated steel can easily pay for itself with all of the extra benefits that come with it. You don’t have to be plagued about having to spend extraneous money on regular maintenance or repairs, as you would with a normal roofing system. Not to mention, the huge amount of money you’ll end up saving on that lowered energy bill. 405-600-5587 is the number to dial to get your quote for stone coated steel roofing in Oklahoma City, OK now! McRoof are the roofing authorities you’re able to count on and we’re always here for you.

“Top notch, superior, excellent, awesome...just a few terms I'd use to describe Scott, Wanda, Scotty, Ty, Armando and the crew at McRoof! They really went to bat for me when I needed assistance with my roof replacement. The amazing roofing crew did an outstanding job and they left my property pretty much cleaner than when they arrived! I'm a huge fan and will be a customer of their services for a long, long time!”

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