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Winter Roof Repair

While most people try to get their roofs repaired when the weather is at its best, or when it’s most convenient, the need for roof repairs sometimes comes at an inconvenient time. If you encounter roof damage during the winter and you’re worried that winter roof repair isn’t possible because of the weather, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you don’t have to wait until winter is over to get things fixed.

Roofing in the Winter

Roofer Silhouette on House Against Sky
Ask Us About Winter Roof Repair.

Roofers do work in the winter. Like anyone else, roofers must make their living all times of the year. Of course, there are some extreme conditions that would make roofing too dangerous, but, generally, the cold weather alone doesn’t stop the roofer. Sometimes, it is too important to fix the roof immediately during winter to wait.

Some roofs are more difficult to repair in cold weather than others. If the roofing materials include those that must bond in order to work, freezing can disrupt the bonding process. Rubber roof materials, for example, are not great in all weather.

Sloped roofs are risky during winter for the obvious reason that they can get slippery with ice. That doesn’t mean that repairs cannot be done. Shingles can be replaced as long as precautions are taken so that they’re not frozen and cracked, and that the seal between the shingle and roof bonds as it should.

There are pros and cons to having roof repairs done in the winter. As long as your roofer is able to do so safely and properly, there is no reason to leave that damage sitting until the weather warms. Call 405-896-9195 and ask our roofers at McRoof about winter roof repairs.

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