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What to Ask When Hiring a Roofer


Hiring a roofing contractor can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are simply repairing a leaking roof, doing a small addition, replacing an old, worn out roof, or restoring your property after one of Mother Nature’s storm events, you need to do your homework before hiring any roofing contractor. Remember, this contractor will be working on the primary structure that stands between you and all you love and the wrath of Oklahoma weather.


First, and foremost, make sure the contractor is registered in our state and can legally perform work here. You can ask them for their “orange card”- if they look at you like you have four horns and don’t have a clue what you are asking for, it’s a pretty sure bet they are not registered in Oklahoma. This card contains such information as the contractor’s registration number, the name and address of the company’s legal representative in Oklahoma, the expiration date of the registration, and whether or not the company is “endorsed” or approved to perform commercial work in Oklahoma. You can also obtain this information on-line by visiting www.cib.ok.gov/roofers. You can search by company name, individual name, or registration number to determine if the company remains “in good standing” with the board. Anything other than “in good standing” is a RED FLAG. If your project involves commercial work and the contractor is NOT ENDORSED, this is another RED FLAG.

A check of the BBB is another source of good information, but ONLY AFTER VERIFYING VALID REGISTRATION WITH THE STATE. BBB Accredited Businesses generally are companies that take customer service and quality seriously and these companies subscribe to both a “CODE OF CONDUCT” AND THE “BBB DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS”. An A+ rating does NOT GUARANTEE you a great experience with a contractor, but it does SHOW A HISTORY OF DELIVERING SUCH RESULTS to the public.

If the contractor claims to have any credentials or other licenses (issued by manufacturers, industry trainers, or the State), you should validate the credentials or licenses exist and are current. You can check most manufacturers credentialed contractors by searching under the name of the manufacturer/credentialed contractors. 

NOTE- “Storm Restoration Contractors” should have particular expertise in dealing with the complexities of your insurance claim process, the requirements of your mortgage company as respects endorsement of claims proceeds and inspections, current building code requirements and how your policy and insurance company will respond to those items, all this in addition to a proven track-record of quality construction and exceptional communication and customer service. THE COMPANIES WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND BANGING ON YOUR DOOR BEFORE THE HAIL HAS MELTED ARE GENERALLY NOT STORM RESTORATION CONTRACTORS. Ask for any special credentials (CertainTeed Storm Restoration Contractor, HAAG Certified Residential Inspector, HAAG Certified Wind Inspector, HAAG Certified Commercial Inspector) or licenses (property adjuster, etc.) that would support their experience in Storm Restoration.


Now that you’ve done your preliminary research, you have probably decided on a few contractors you’d like some more information from (or at least eliminated many companies from consideration). Now let’s do a deeper dive!

  1. Ask for a certificate of insurance issued by their insurance company or agent that lists you as certificate holder and comes directly from the company or agent. DO NOT ACCEPT A CERTIFICATE THEY HAND YOU!
  2. Ask for references in your location, and, if possible, ask for references you can drive by, look at the work, and call to discuss the company’s performance. It is best to obtain current AND recent clients to know how the company is performing TODAY, NOT 5 years ago.
  3. Inquire about the process- how long, who will supervise, cleanliness, systems and products, payment schedules, sample contract, warranties, etc.

Having done this homework, you are now ready to either choose a contractor for you project or ask a select group of the most qualified contractors to provide proposals for your project. Yes, it’s taken time and effort on your part, but you can rest assured you will not be one of the horror stories we all see on the evening news. Good luck!



Options, options, options- Asphalt shingles have come a long way and you have a wide array of products to choose from including impact resistant options to resist hail damage, options in various shapes and colors, synthetic products that look like slate or wood shakes, and metal roofs ranging from standing seam metal to architectural metal roofing that looks like slate, tile, or shake. All of these provide benefits and come with costs but you should evaluate a range of options- DON’T JUST REPLACE YOUR ROOF BUT CONSIDER THIS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO ENHANCE THE BEAUTY, PERFORMANCE, AND VALUE OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS.

McRoof is THE leading expert in roof replacement services in the state of Oklahoma. As the largest exclusive CertainTeed contractor in the region, we offer a range of quality options for home and business owners alike. Our SelectShingleMaster and MetalMaster credentials, coupled with the StormRestorationContractor credential guarantee you a roof installed by craftsmen and backed by CertainTeed with industry-leading warranties. For more information about our roofing services and how we might craft your solution, contact us today!


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