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Signs of Roof Storm Damage

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Residents of Texas and Oklahoma understand the severity that storms can present. Though most roofing structures are built to withstand a certain degree of elements, some are just too much to handle. Mcroof offers roof storm damage repair in TX and OK. When auditing your home for roof damage after a storm, make sure you do not put yourself in further damage. If you are concerned about falling debris, have a professional come out and inspect the roof for you. If you feel that the storm has passed and you would like to assess the initial damage. Look for these signs:

Hail Damage

Hail can slam into shingles and create a significant indentation. It can also create cracks that allow moisture to infiltrate the interior overtime, causing mold and mildew growth. Hail damage may expand past your roof. For example, dented carsdriveways, or garage doors can take the brunt of the damage. Roof’s are particularly susceptible to hail, since the softball sized precipitation can pound the surface over and over again.

Wind Damage

Tornadoes and wind storms can produce gusts over 100 mph. If your area has been affected by either. displaced shingles and worn granules are two obvious signs of damage. Also look for creased horizontal lines that accentuate the damage. Flying debris can also be dangerous in situations like this. So much so that trees can fall on to the top of your roof and create massive damage. Call 405-896-9195 for roof storm damage repair in Texas or Oklahoma.

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