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How To File A Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Forms
Let Us Help You File Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim.

If your roof has recently been damaged by a storm, before you get it repaired you will need to file a roof damage insurance claimThis may seem like a very intimidating process, but with help from McRoof, it can be simple and painless. Call our office today at 405-600-5587 if you need assistance filing your claim.

Three Simple Steps to Filing Roof Damage Insurance Claim

When it comes to filing roof damage insurance claims, there are really only three steps that you need to take. While this makes the process relatively simple, it is important that you do them in order.

Step 1: Roof Inspection

The first thing to do after a severe storm has passed is to have someone inspect your roof. This is where McRoof can help you the most. We offer premiere roof inspection services.

Step 2: File the Paperwork

Once the inspection is completed, we will give you results we found and you will mail those to your insurance company along with the insurance forms. Then you just have to wait for a response.

Step 3: Another Roof Inspection

When the insurance company responds, it will be to set up a time for the insurance adjuster to come to your house and inspect the roof. It is recommended that the roofer who completed the initial inspection be present for this meeting to explain what they found on your roof.

Once the insurance adjuster completes their inspection, a roof damage insurance claim goes into review. If approved, you will receive half the money up front to get started on the repairs and the other half once all the repairs are completed. McRoof is more than happy to complete all your roof repairs. Give us a call at 405-600-5587.

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