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3 Types Of Upgraded Shingles


Architectural Shingles
If You Love the Simplistic Design of Shingles But Crave Better Protection, Consider One of These Options.

Are you in love with shingles? It’s easy to get attached to the style and simplicity of shingle roofing, even though other sorts of materials have clear-cut advantages. Here are three types of upgraded shingles that will allow you to boost your home’s value and protection without dropping your favorite style.

Option #1: Architectural Shingles

Architectural (or laminate) shingles can be installed onto almost any roofing design. They come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can have fun finding your perfect flair. These shingles are designed in a way that makes them more durable against impact damage and wind tearing, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them after every severe storm.

Option #2: Impact Resistant Shingles

These shingles can take a beating! Normal asphalt shingles will crack when slammed with the force of a hail strike, leaving your home exposed to potential leaks. Impact resistant shingles however, are designed to absorb the trauma without cracking or tearing. If your home regularly faces severe thunderstorms, it wouldn’t hurt to have the extra protection. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount for installing this enhanced roofing!

Option #3: Metal Shingles

Yes. They are more expensive than your typical asphalt shingle. Metal shingles will however, last two to three times longer than a normal shingle roof system. Metal systems provide rigid protection, so you won’t have to schedule maintenance more than once a year (if that). With metal, you can keep the style of shingles but significantly improve your home’s protection from weather, corrosion, and leaks.

If you’re interested in learning more about these or other upgraded shingles, feel free to talk with our team at McRoof! We’d love to talk to you at405-600-5587.

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